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Car Accidents with Large Trucks

The majority of car wrecks involving large trucks were pulling semi-trailers at the time of the accident. Specifically, 62% of large trucks were pulling semi-trailers in fatal crashes and 48% in nonfatal crashes. For fatal crashes,“Driver-related factors” were attributed to 34% of the large truck drivers (according to the U.S. department of Transportation).


In addition, it shows that a “collision with another motor vehicle”, caused injury or property damage in 76% of fatal crashes and 80% of injury crashes. Of these, the overwhelming majority (91% fatal,94% injury) involved the cars you and I drive everyday: passenger vehicles.

The reality is, no matter what the statistics happen to be, they don’t really matter when you or a loved one is injured or killed in an 18 wheeler truck accident. Those are just numbers. Your loss. Your pain. That is what’s real.

You also have to take into account: damage to your vehicle, (often times in need of total replacement) any impact to your quality of life, (physical,emotional and mental health),and ability to perform your job.

Tractor Trailer Wreck Issues & Causes

On top of all the other issues you have to consider in an auto accident, there are even more factors at play in accident that involve large trucks. The driver could be under pressure from their employer to perform or just trying to make a living. This can contribute to the top driver related causes in fatalities for accidents with large trucks. Such as: speeding (including driving too fast for road or weather conditions), driver distraction, various forms of impairment (illness,sleepiness, alcohol), not staying in the correct lane, and obscured vision (according to the FMCSA).

In addition, anytime you are dealing with a commercial vehicle, the complexity of determining who is liable for damages increases. You have the driver of the vehicle (18 wheelers), the trucking company (or other commercial vehicle company) (usually the employer), the insurance company, and maybe even the vehicle or trailer manufacturer.

Semi-Truck Wreck: What to do

When you are involved in a crash with a 18 wheeler, no matter who is at fault, you run a much higher risk of injury and death then the 18 wheeler. Always pay attention while driving and follow these safe driving tips. Caution and observation are your best chances of staying clear of injury. In the event you are in an accident, make sure to follow these steps and find a knowledgeable and reputable personal injury lawyer.

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