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What to do after a car, truck or motorcycle accident or collision

When you are in a motor vehicle accident:

(1) Have your medical needs met;

(2) Be sure to exchange insurance information with all vehicles involved in the accident;

(3) Tell your version of the accident to the investigating officer, if possible;

(4) If you leave the scene other than by ambulance, and later have physical problems, please go to the ER and have your injury checked out. To fail to do so is especially dangerous in chest injuries and head injuries. However, the list of reasons and conditions which indicate you should go to the ER is long. If you are in pain, unless you are under the care of another medical doctor, chiropractor, or health care provider you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

(5) Get the reference number from the investigating officers to be able to order the accident report;

(6) Order the accident report or have your attorney do so;

(7) Keep a list of all health care providers;

(8) Keep a copy of all bills;

(9) If you are going to retain an attorney, have that attorney with you when you give your recorded statement to the insurance company;

(10) Do not give a recorded statement while under the influence of narcotics or other pain medications.

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