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Information about Truck and Tractor Trailer Wrecks in Tennessee


Tractor-Trailer-Wreck-TNHigh Traffic roads for Large Trucks in Tennessee

Tennessee ranks sixth in the nation and first in the Southeast for cargo-ton-miles and value commodities carried by a truck (according to the Tennessee Trucking Association and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration). In addition approximately 80% of all manufactured freight transported in Tennessee is by Truck. This means that Tennessee roadways are always filled with tractor trailers and other large trucks.

Truck accidents don’t happen just on Interstates

Tennessee has many interstates across the state and many trucks pass through them on their way to other destinations. Avoiding major cities does not mean you are safe from wrecks with tractor trailers.Sixty-eight percent of all fatal truck accidents happened in rural areas so being away from a big city doesn’t mean it won’t happen and you need to always be cautious driving no matter where you are. Remember to avoid truck blind spots, observe a truck’s turn signal, and use correct passing procedures to help avoid these accidents.

Many Reasons for a Large Truck Wreck

There can be many causes to an accident.One of the most common is truck driver fatigue due to the rigorous schedules they work.However, even if the driver is not at fault there could still be reasons for the accident. One of which could be vehicle condition.It is up to the truck driver and trucking companies to have well maintained trucks. So even if it appears the person is not at fault there could still be an underlying vehicle issue that lead to the accident.

truck-accidentLarge Truck Accidents are Different from Car to Car Wrecks

A vehicle wreck where a large truck is involved can be different than an accident with another car. There are several more factors at play, including: insurance requirements, driver training, and many federal and state laws and regulations.Truck drivers and trucking companies are represented by large insurance agencies You will need legal representation for yourself in these cases so that your lawyer can handle the insurance companies and laws and you can focus on recovery.

Accidents with Large Trucks can cost You a lot of Money

It is estimated that around 500,000 trucking accident occur every year in the United states. Out of these around 5,000 accidents result in fatalities and many more involve injuries. However, even if no serious injury was incurred you could be looking at a huge financial impact.The average cost of a commercial truck accident is about $59,150. So even if you are fortunate enough to be uninjured in your accident you still could be looking at a serious financial loss. You can bet that the truck company will have their insurance company fighting to pay as little of that as possible. It is important to have skilled representation anytime you are involved in an accident (especially when it involves a commercial truck).

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