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Some attorneys believe that they know everything and attempt to keep their education to the
required minimum of 15 hours of continuing education per year. In the last few years, I have
strived to take additional continuing education courses in the field of personal injury so that the
minimum requirement is doubled or tripled.

In December of 2016, I ran into Don Keenan in Chattanooga. He is an interesting character. He
is one of the top trial attorneys in the United States. David Ball has been his business partner in
continuing education endeavors. David is one of the leading jury consultants in the United
States and “yes” there are actually people out there who do what a less Hollywood version of
“Bull” does. David is a jury consultant who has done years of research into jury attitudes.
It is important to not only understand how insurance companies work to help to get a
settlement, but it is important to be prepared and equipped to try the case if negotiations fail.
Therefore, to better equip myself and to update myself on cutting edge trial techniques, I took
two days of courses and passed two tests to gain admission. I then went to the Keenan Trial
Institute in Atlanta and have spent hours which turned into days in closed door sessions
studying trial techniques with other trial attorneys from all over the United States. The lessons
learned have been invaluable in my practice. I am forever striving to be a better lawyer. We all
should. The reality is that some do and some do not.

As of October, 2019, I finished the necessary number of courses which puts me in a status of
being eligible to graduate from undergraduate studies. I intend to continue on with graduate
studies. The exchange of ideas on trial techniques and learning new trial techniques has kept
the practice of law fresh, exciting and even more interesting for me. I believe the techniques I
have learned will inure to my clients’ benefit as well.

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