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Through the years, the practice of law has been good to me and most of those whom I have
represented. I have obtained settlements exceeding a million dollars. One settlement comes
to mind involving a teenager who was a passenger in a car which was struck by a drunk driver
who had whiskey bottles with the seals broken in the vehicle. My client almost lost her life but
through the heroic efforts of her physicians, she was spared and has gone on to lead a very
productive life in spite of the catastrophic injuries she suffered. That case produced a recovery
of 1.1 million dollars plus.

Not every case is like that. Some are more and many are less. I have had even higher results in
other types of personal injuries. However, in looking at car wrecks alone, over the last 41 years,
I have collected millions of dollars for injured people.

If you come in to see me, this will not be my first rodeo. I have represented thousands of
people and I am as interested in practicing law at this time as I was on day one. It is a
fascinating and interesting profession. The punch line is that there are rewards which go far
beyond financial considerations such as the sense of accomplishment of helping people who
otherwise would not do as well without assistance. That is a big part of the incentive to
practice personal injury law. It is competitive, it is fast, and it is stressful. Nevertheless, it is
rewarding in many different ways.

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