Mediation (Domestic Cases & Civil Cases)

Often referred to as a primary method of ¬†Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation provides a setting in which the parties can be the decision makers. ¬†Frequently touted as less expensive than litigation, mediation is also more successful in giving parties a sense of actually being heard since there are no rules about what can “come in” to the discussion as there generally are when matters are litigaged.

As a voluntary process, mediation also excels in achieving results that are more satisfying to the parties since they are directly involved in the decision making process, as opposed to turning that task over to a judge or jury as would happen in court.

Mediation is a useful tool for resolving legal issues ranging from divorce and custody or helping various siblings resolve a dispute regarding care for an elderly parent to resolving contractual matters and personal injury cases.

Fees are quoted depending upon the type of case and the length of time which the mediator is expected to spend on a case.